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Gemstone Consultations

Advice & General GuidanceIf you need assistance in determining which gemstone (or gemstones) are most helpful to you and/or your situation, I am more than happy to help.

As with all my consultation services, I use my intuitive skills to focus in on the energy of the person and/or situation in question to decide on which gemstones will work best.

A gemstone consultation can be done via email, however you can also request a session by telephone/on-line or in-person.  A land-line telephone number, or preferably Skype, is required for all telephone/on-line sessions.



A small investment of £15 is requested for this service. This investment is redeemable against the purchase price of any custom gemstone jewellery or gift item ordered (as a result of the consultation), if over £30.

To book your telephone/on-line session, you can also use my Online Booking Service.

£15 Gemstone Consultation

You will be contacted by email, usually within 72 hours (Mon-Fri) wherever possible.