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Healing Gifts

Gemstones can also be used for healing in other ways than wearing them as healing jewellery.

Each Charms of Light gemstone gift is energised with Reiki energy to further enhance the natural healing properties of the gemstones used.  Even the healing art cards are infused with love and an intent to heal and they make a lovely addition to any gift.

These gemstone gifts are alive with wonderfully positive energies which will provide you with feelings of well-being.  Useful items with healing as an added bonus!

All gemstone gifts are created with natural gemstones, therefore each one is a unique piece — one of a kind in colour, shape and design.  If you see something you like, purchase it today, as each piece is unique — one of a kind in colour, shape and design.  Owing to the natural differences in all gemstones, some items may differ slightly from the photos shown.

If you would like one of these healing gifts in a gemstone other than one shown, please contact me.  More often than not, I will have it available, it just may not be up on the website yet!



Healing Art Cards

Reiki enhanced healing art cards for any occasion.

Opalite Angel

Gemstone Angels

Beautiful, smooth, handcarved gemstone guardian angels.


Gemstone Eggs

Gemstone Eggs

Beautiful, smooth polished gemstone eggs.

Healing Gifts

Gemstone Hearts

Beautiful smooth handcarved gemstone hearts.


Gemstone Charms

Charms & Keyrings

Healing gemstone charms and keyrings.

Palm stones

Palm Stones

A selection of beautiful polished palm stones.


Pi stones

Pi Stones

A selection of beautiful handcarved pi stones.

Tumble stones

Tumble Stones

A selection of smooth & polished tumble stones.


Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be used for products or services. You choose the amount you wish to gift.