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House/Office/Space Cleansing

House/Office/Space CleansingCleansing your personal and work space is just as important to your health and well-being as is cleansing your body of toxins, or your gemstones of negative energy.

Over time, the energy of everything that happens - whether in a building, or an outside space - collects and clings to that object or space. This energy build up can cause dis-ease not only in your physical body, but also in your life, work and play.

A house/office/space cleansing is highly effective in clearing away old and toxic energy. It leaves an environment with a better balance of energy that feels clearer, lighter and more positive, thus encouraging a better quality of life, work and play.

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An initial consultation is required to discuss the energy that you feel, how you think it is affecting you, and ways in which we can improve it. If you decide to go ahead with the house/office/space cleansing, the consultation amount will be deducted from the total.

House/Office/Space Cleanse Consultation = £50.
House/Office/Space Cleansing = £100.

You will be contacted by email within 72 hours (Mon-Fri), to arrange your consultation or space cleansing.

Please note:  A small charge will be required to cover petrol expenses for long travelling times/distances.